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A History (Volume 2)

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Martin Angers (July 17, 2010)

Dear Mr. Carmichael, I loved the book 8 and all the people you wrote about-=--Fabulous work on my favorite subjects. Split and Glued was great as well-----Are You taking orders on Bamboo Fly Rod you are making, let me know cause I am ready to place my order with my payment/ deposit .I am leaving in the morning for Spruce Creek ---hope to hear from You soon, sicerely, Martin Angers

Lisa Carmichael Elliott (September 29, 2008)

This is pretty cool Hoagy! Congrats.

Piotr Parasiewicz (July 8, 2007)

Dear Mr Carmichael,

I had an opportunity to listen to the public radio program on Living on Earth about Cascapedia River and was pleased to hear that someone is also worrying about the impact of climate change on riverine ecology. Because the impact of climate change is so overwhelming most of us can see only direct changes related to the climate itself and do not realize the far reaching consequences in our ecosystems, especially those in water. Thank you for bringing it up.

I am a river scientist in Northeastern US who wants to take action, increase the awareness and provide appropriate tools to managers. I started a non-profit organization, Rushing Rivers Institute (, with this exact mission. Our research team actually developed a technique that allows to measure the impact of global warming on fish habitat.

Together with my colleagues in Europe we are trying to establish a research collaborative investigating impact of Global Warming on aquatic ecosystems. There are almost 50 scientists participating already and we gathered some interesting information. Despite intensive lobbying for the second time already this topic was not made as a priority for the research funding in Europe. Search for resources in the US is also not easy.

This is for me a clear indication that more information and awareness raising among the public and decision makers is necessary. This is why I would like to thank you for mentioning on the radio the connection between Global Warming and healt of rivers. We are observing the effects in many streams in New England already.

Your comment is a great help to us and to our rivers.

The collection of historical facts, which you provided in your book is also very helpful in our research and helps very much in understanding of the trajectory of human induced alteration of rivers. Cascapedia is clearly one of the few rivers that could serve as a reference for many rivers in Northeastern US and Europe.

Thank you again and, if it is of you interest, I would be happy to provide more information on the above topics.

Yours sincerely

Piotr Parasiewicz
Rushing Rivers Institute
400 Amity Street Suite 5
Amherst, MA 01002
tel: 413 687 4740

Jim Wilson (March 11, 2007)

Dear Mr. Carmichael,

I purchased a copy of your book the day before your event at the Cascapedia and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. If you are ever planning to be in the Toronto area I would appreciate an opportunity to promote a book signing in my store!

Congratulations on the publication of your book and thank you for your valuable contribution to the history of fly fishing!

Tight Lines,

Jim Wilson
"Ontario's Finest Fly Shop"
199 Queen St. E.
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1S2