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The Grand Cascapedia River:
A History (Volume 1)

The Grand Cascapedia River:
A History (Volume 2)

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The Grand Cascapedia Map


T his is the new full-color map of the Grand Cascapedia River that will accompany Vol. II of The Grand Cascapedia - A History, due out in the spring of 2011. It starts at the top of the two branches that meet at the famous Forks Pool that form the main stem of the river. All of the pools of any note are accurately marked on the river, and every camp has been rendered in water color by Robert Seaman the artist who's award winning work can be found in all of Mr. Carmichael's books. The map is four feet long, and twenty inches wide with a small white border, and can be signed by Carmichael if desired. This is the only map of its kind done for any Atlantic salmon river in Canada, and this of the most famous of them, the Grand Cascapedia River.